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The opportunity to play tennis is a privilege that many of us get to experience. However, tennis is not exactly a cheap sport, and the price of equipment and racquets adds up rapidly. Luckily, we can help those unable to afford racquets while saving the environment simultaneously by donating used racquets! Whether you just bought a new racquet or simply have an extra one sitting around and collecting dust, the following organizations are great ways to get rid of your racquets without throwing them in the trash.


This non-profit organization run by teens collects gently used tennis equipment and ships them to various locations and regions across the globe including Uganda, Argentina, India, the USA, and more. To learn more and to donate, visit:

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Leveling the Playing Field collects various pieces of sports equipment in order to fulfill their mission of providing everyone equal access to sports despite one's income. The collected equipment is then distributed to kids around the world who are in need and cannot afford to buy their own gear. You can schedule a pick-up, drop off your racquet at one of their sites, or simply ship it to their listed address. To learn more and to donate your racquet, visit:

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ALL-IN Tennis is "dedicated to enriching children's lives" by helping kids get access to tennis supplies and instruction. They accept any tennis-related supplies including gently-used racquets and shoes, as well as financial donations for students looking to learn tennis in Arkansas. To learn more, visit:


As implied by its name, Kids Serving Kids is a student-run non-profit that distributes tennis racquets to kids in need. They are readily accepting donations and also allow the opportunity to start a chapter for collecting racquets in your area if you are feeling more ambitious! For more information, visit:


Play It On is also dedicated to making recycling the process of tennis, but in this case, mainly aimed at tennis racquets, bags, and apparel. Located in San Francisco, California, you can schedule a pick-up time at your convenience, or ship the iteams to their listed address. To donate, visit:


Tennis Without Borders wants to give everyone access to tennis across all borders of the world; from Ghana to Uganda and Cameroon, Tennis Without Borders will get your racquet to an underprivileged child somewhere around the globe. To learn more about the program, visit:

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