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Start Your GreenTennis Chapter

Start a GreenTennis Chapter at Your School!

Are you a high school or college student who wants to contribute to your school's sustainability in tennis? Start your own GreenTennis chapter and help the tennis community to be involved in recycling tennis balls!

By starting a chapter, you will:

  • Recycle Tennis Balls for Your School Tennis Seasons

  • Advocate for Wilson Triniti Tennis Balls

  • Spread Awareness of GreenTennis and Eco-Friendly Tennis

  • Log the Number of Tennis Balls Recycled per Season

You will also:

  • Have your name listed on the GreenTennis website as an ambassador

  • Be given community service hours

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador and are committed to managing this role, please fill out the form to the right and follow the strict and specific instructions listed in the PDF to the right. On the 4th page of the PDF, once you have completed the tasks (bottom-left corner), you will receive a "good-to-go" email from GreenTennis to becoming an official ambassador!

Get Started Now!

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Instructions for Starting a GreenTennis Chapter!

Please make sure to read everything on this website page and the pamphlet before going forward with this!


GreenTennis Ambassadors and Chapter Locations

New Jersey:
Radha Munver – Dwight-Englewood School
Sasha Gupta – Bergen County Academies & Bergen Tech
Samantha Jacobs – Northern Valley Demarest
Shaila Iyer – 
Princeton High School
Ajay Kartik – Northern Highlands
Kailyn Cho – Tenafly High School
Krrisha Patel – Secaucus High School
Aryaman Gupta – Watchung Hills Regional High School
Vaibhav Venkatesan – Edison Academy Magnet School

New York:
Anika Tolat – Roslyn High School
Olivia Gade – Paul D Schreiber
High School

Catherine Sherman – York High School

Kent Zhang – Thomas Wootton High School

Zoya Hasan – Edina High School

Caroline Raster – Brookfield East High School

Julian & Ethan Estrada – McLean High School

Shanghai, China:
Ethan Yan – Shanghai American School

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