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About Us


Mission: Make tennis into an eco-friendly sport and educate people of the sport's environmental repercussions in order to happily continue playing.

Learn about the harmful environmental effects of tennis and educate yourself on new ways to make the sport more eco-friendly.

Collect & donate racquets, repurpose and recycle tennis balls, implement eco-friendly ways to play tennis.

Spread the word and educate those around you to make others more knowledgeable on a larger scale.

Help others to gather an interest in saving this sport, and restart the cycle so that we can reach our vision of making tennis an entirely eco-friendly sport for all.


A group of people who have come together to make an impact

People who share a passion for tennis and its preservation

*To learn more, see below, or contact us if you have any further questions not answered on our website.

People working together to make tennis environmentally friendly


As a tennis player, it was easy to see that tennis can be a wasteful sport, with millions of tennis balls being thrown away as soon as we are done with them. There was no good method of finding ways to do something about this profound issue. Tennis doesn't have to be bad; we needed change. When we started GreenTennis in 2020,  we wanted to build a platform where tennis players could come together as a community to help their sport for the better.  A place where we contribute to sustainability the smart way, following the idea of "save today, so we can use tomorrow." We wanted GreenTennis to be a place where you can find a way to help that works best for you and will let us stay on the court longer. GreenTennis is a place where you as an individual can do something locally to help tennis and end up counting globally. Above all, we are redefining what it means to be a tennis player on the court and a player in society.


Radha Munver

Founder | CEO


As a tennis player, coach, or just someone who wants to make an impact, there are plenty of ways to get started! To learn more, visit the "Tennis Balls" page or the "Racquets" pages below.

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