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The majority of tennis players tend to use polyester strings for their durability. While this allows you to restring your racquet much less frequently, using natural gut strings is actually more eco-friendly, and will give you better feel on your racquets (which is why natural gut is the most commonly used string type across the pro-tour). Natural gut strings, while made of cow intestines, are made of organic material, making them biodegradable as opposed to petroleum-based plastics (taking thousands of years to decompose). Additionally, natural gut is a by-product of the meat industry, which means that cows are not being killed specifically for the production of strings, but merely to not waste.



Most overgrips that a tennis player will find or use will be made of of polyurethane, also known as PU. However, this material is not biodegradable. EcoGRIP is the world's only eco-friendly, biodegradable tennis overgrip. It is used by many high-performing players and it retains the features from other grips (tacky feel, sweat-absorption, & durability). To learn more about EcoGRIP and their grip or to try one out now, visit:

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Wilson is taking a stride in creating a tennis racquet series that helps the environment. First, for every Naked racquet bought, 2,500 trees are planted, which produces enough oxygen for 4 million people. The racquet also uses no toxic paints or dyes, saves over 2 tons of water (~10.8%), uses a biodegradable grip, and comes in 100% cardboard recyclable packaging.

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